Glue Chipping Glass Supplies

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Asphaltum VarnishBuy Asphaltum Varnish, 1 Pint U.S., is used in reverse glass sign work, in sandblas..
Etching-Burnishing Pen, buy for reverse glass gilding, has a fiberglass tip. Used to create a fade i..
Gilders Gold Leaf Glass Soap  Gilders Gold Leaf Glass Soap comes wrapped in a resealable foil p..
Hide Glue Bottle Bottle used for applying Hide Glue to glass.   This is Hide Glue Bot..
Hide Glue for Glass Chipping 1 Pound Bag Hide Glue for Glass Chipping DIRECTIONS: Mix 2 cups water 1..
Hide Glue Heating Pot-Economy . Glue pot for heating Hide Glue for Glass Chipping. 164 Gram Strength..
Hide Glue Roller 3" Plastic Grooved Roller with handle for Hide Glue. Spread animal Hide G..
Hide Glue Roller 6" Plastic Grooved Roller with handle for Hide Glue, Spread animal Hide Glue w..
Hide Glue Trimmer Knife.  Use this special Trimmer Knife to remove excess hide glue when you ar..
Sandblaster-Glass-Wood-Metal for Glue Chipped GlassSandblaster-Glass-Wood-Metal for Glue Chipped..