glue chipping-amazing glass craft tutorial step 7

glue chipping-amazing glass craft tutorial step 7

Glue Chipping-Amazing Glass Craft Tutorial step 7

Hide glues are made from animal hide and come in various strengths and there is a specific strength of 164 grams, to little strength no chip and to strong of gram strength and the glass breaks. hide glue has a 4 year shelf life and stored in air tight container in dark dry location to get the longest life out of the hide glue.

Step 7. Set-up Hide Glue

Glue Application and Leveling:
at this point, stir your "Animal Hide Glue" and make sure there's no lumps and it’s ready to apply. The hide glue is best when between 140 and 145 degrees for 5 minutes. This lines up the protein chain to deliver the glue full strength (referred to as prepared gelatin) and have the temperature hot enough to kill bacteria and not so hot to as to crack the glass. It is important the glue remains warm in order to flow and level properly.

Place the glass panel on a level work area and remove any remaining sandblast resist mask, try not to remove the "Gilder's Asphaltum Varnish". When the Asphaltum Varnish peels off to easily with the removal of the the mask, this can indicate that the glass wasn’t clean enough during its application. If this happens you may touch up any holidays or broken lines with a brush.

Hide Glue Application Bottle

Now fill up a "Hide Glue Application Bottle" with "Hide Glue". You may want to use a glove if the container is to hot to hold with a bare hand. Now slightly squeeze the bottle of hide glue onto the open areas of frosted glass. 1/8” is the desired thickness of hide glue needed . "Gilder's Asphaltum Varnish" will act as a chemical dam and repels the "Animal Hide Glue" at the line edge as a water based glue won’t mix with the Asphaltum Varnish oil base avoiding ragged edge chip along your lines. If any glue happens to overflow onto the Asphaltum Varnish areas don’t worry, as the hide glue can be easily trimmed off after it gels. If any areas look rough like sand paper after applying hide glue, add a little bit more hide glue over the top of these thinner areas.For Small areas use Large Hypodermic Needle Tips that slip onto the bottles tip. The smaller Tips allow you to apply "Hide Glue" in small detail areas and in between small lettering. Contact Letterhead Sign Supply for availability. Large areas may be poured directly onto glass and glue is spread around with a Hide Glue Roller to make sure the Hide Glue is applied evenly

After covering all chipping areas wash your Hide Glue Application Bottle, Hide Glue Roller and tips or tools with hot water.  Remaining "Animal Hide Glue" may be transferred into a can or zip lock bag and store in a refrigerator until needed again for several months, again keep it stored away and safely from any Children and Animals, and to avoid any ingestion which could cause serious illness and or death.

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