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Sparkle Abalone sheet

Sparkle Abalone sheet


SPARKLE ABALONE for sale here. SPARKLE ABALONE is a Glittery mix of Paua and Green abalone flakes densely-packed in epoxy. Intended for small inlays and has a close resemblance to Red abalone heart but at much less cost.

Veneer Sheet: Sparkle Abalone

Thick .010"-.013"

name: Haliotis iris; New Zealand

The aquatic species only exists in New Zealand. The largest species of abalone to be found in New Zealand is the blackfoot paua. It is most frequently discovered in shallow, chilly waters that are no deeper than 6 meters. The species is found throughout the Chatham Islands, Stewart Island, and New Zealand's main island. On broad, exposed shores where drift seaweed collects and there is good water flow, these sea snails frequently form enormous clusters in the sub-littoral zone. Blackfoot paua have shells that are around 180 mm wide.

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